Xtreme 55-in-1 Accessories Starter Kit for Gopro Hero 7,6,5,4,3+ Cameras

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Take your action camera on an adventure with this 55 piece action camera accessory kit,

Which features multiple mounting options for secure shots wherever you go.

Large Case
Monopod selfie stick pole 110cm extension
Head Strap Mount
Chest Mount
Helmet Strap Mount
Clamp Mount
360 degree adhesive mount
Tether with adhesive
Suction Mount
Flat adhesive mount
Pole Mount
Floating Handle
2 x tripod mounts
Flex mount (Gooseneck)
Mini tripod
12 x Anti Fog Insets
Wrist Strap Mount
4 x extensions
All mounts include their own screws.

Fits all GoPros