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Hoorah Online Shops is a marketplace for sellers to list their items for free and benefit from the 18 million online shoppers in South Africa. Hoorah takes care of the marketing, fulfilment processes and shipping to the customer. In this way, Hoorah has become the trusted platform between sellers and buyers, ensuring secure payment and reliable delivery.

As many customers want more information prior to purchasing online, the Hoorah support team is available for a live chat weekdays from 09:00 – 16:00. As a result, there has been some humorous episodes in the office that came from the weirdest requests you can ever imagine. Hoorah doesn’t always have the strange things that customers request to buy, but there sure are a few other unique items that are listed by sellers from all over South Africa.

Have a look at our list of Top 7  “Stranger Things” To Buy On Hoorah:

  1. ShweShwe material cooking bag that keeps your food warm

Blue and Red colours available


Take your pot straight off the stovetop and wrap this cooking bag around it. Not only will your food stay warm for up to 3 hours, but you’ll also save a lot of electricity! It’s made by one of Hoorah’s Township Agencies in Mamelodi. Click on the photo to view the product and a video of how it works.


Price:  R250





2. Handmade bamboo transforming basket

A brilliant bamboo design that can be used as a hotplate server or a fruit basket. Chances are that you won’t find a more versatile handmade kitchen utility that this one. Also great for a gift! Handmade by a genius entrepreneur that makes these baskets fulltime and sells them on Hoorah. Click on the photo to view the product.


Price: R300




3. Divinus Machina Comic Book Series

Cover of issue 1


The official first issue of Divinus Machina, a cyberpunk/scif-fi comic book series set in the year 2026 was released on Hoorah. Since, there has been 3 new issues. Available to purchase as a hard-copy or downloadable version. The story centers around a young woman named Angela De Silva who is a member of a secret fraternity of cybernetic-ally enhanced assassins who are indoctrinated to believe they are God’s hand of justice as they target people who are deemed wicked and evil.

Price: R80




4. Hope BM10 Wireless Miniphone


Is the world’s smallest phone hiding on Hoorah? Dual sim, long battery life and a SD card slot. Honestly, what more do you need for an emergency phone? Click on the picture for a link to view on Hoorah.


Price: R349




5. Crochet Pikachu 


Can you tell the difference between the crochet version of Pikachu from the original Pokemon series? This one caused a good chuckle at the office, but then we decided to buy it for the display case. Upon checkout, we abandoned cart to leave “Crochetchu” for a different customer to take home. Maybe we should request the whole Pokemon series from this talented artist?


Price: R75




6. Burn life’s lemons scented candle


Scented candles aren’t strange, or are they? We added this scented candle to the list because of it’s unique description, check this out:

“Burn this candle for when you need to reset your day and start over. Forget about making lemonade. Set those lemons on fire.

50ml Organic soy wax candle containing lemon and grapefruit essential oils and dried lime blossoms.”

Price: R150




7. Fully functional Land Rover

Can’t afford a Land Rover at your nearest dealership? Well, then this is definitely the next best thing to buy. Fully functional on each and every hinge, wheel and even some engine parts. When you consider that this Land Rover took 2 weeks of pure ingenuity to make by hand, the price is an absolute steal.

Price: R650






We hope you enjoyed this list of Top 7 Stranger Things to Buy on Hoorah, let us know in the comments which one you think is the strangest! We’ll be updating the list of strange things uploaded to Hoorah, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter!