25 Aug

So this is it!
All of us are very careful when it comes to new ideas or concepts.
So much more when you were born 20 years to early and all the opportunities only originate now.
Imagine this.. my mom , handbag over the shoulder, red lipstick perfectly applied and her car keys in the hand, on her way to the mall ready for what we all love…shopping!!
But instead, her kids stopped her in her tracks, made herself a cup of tea, switch on her laptop and still went shopping in the luxury of her lounge. No more running around to buy everything for everyone and saving her endless amounts of energy!

Everything in life comes from a will to do it and positive energy is the driving force behind it. Try it, you’ll be amazed with the results!

I am sure that you were the child who could drive your mom
crazy with questions since early childhood, one that could never get enough answers, one of those children who , without any concious take the last icing sugar from the pantry to make sherbet, experimenting with colours and flavors ( I know , all entrepreneurs know that feeling!) and then sell it to every living being in the neighbourhood!
Why? Because you believed in your product! Its that driving force you were born with, the same one that still open new doors for you on a daily basis.

Lets share the same wavelength and passion for our products and advertise our shops wide and far!

May Hoorah fill the gap that you’ve been seeking for.



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