25 Aug

What is it like being a Hoorah Online Shop owner?


We all know entrepreneurs – always exploring, creating and selling the most unique and wonderful product. Hoorah believes that when you employ an entrepreneur, you automatically put a strain on their creativity and before you know it – a wonderful idea goes out the window because of the lack of time to execute it and make it happen.

That’s why Hoorah Online Shops strive to not employ entrepreneur, but EMPOWERING them by creating a state of the art selling platform to sell and market their products from without any start-up funds. We aim to globalize entrepreneurs and expose their products to the world, while they can go ahead and be creative with their latest inventions or business aspirations.

Time is money, we’d love to say we’re giving entrepreneurs money, but in fact we’re saving them time through centralizing sales, shipping and stock management. We do, however, also save entrepreneurs  money through doing 80% of the paid-for marketing on their behalf – they only need to share a few social media links while we got the big stuff sorted.


Do you know anyone that can benefit from the perks of internet sales? Be sure to spread the word as we would love to grow our entrepreneurial community and EMPOWER these awesome people.



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