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How does Hoorah make money? During 2017 Hoorah will operate 100% commission FREE, and from 1 January 2018 we’ll take only  5% incentive on all products sold. You really don’t have anything to lose!

  1. How to register your Hoorah Shop

Click on the blue “start your shop” button or the text in the slider and follow the set-up wizard. Easy? We think so too.

Seller Dashboard

You can find an overview of your store, page view, orders, earnings, reviews and products. There is also an announcement section. It displays all the latest notice or announcement from admin.

Seller Dashboard gives you an overall summary of your store and activities. From this dashboard you can easily manage you stores and also get quick insights. Besides that it will provide suggestions on how to make your store more appealing to your customers.

2. Shop Settings

Store banner will represent seller products concept or logo in one big image. Use a good visual interactive image to grab the attention of customer. Shop owner will set the image from Seller Dashboard → Settings → Store page.

Uploading a banner – Click on the space provided for the banner, this will navigate you to your own media library. Upload images from your computer/device, select the image you would like to use. In the right-bottom corner click on “select and crop image”. Crop the image to fit the dimensions. Your banner will be uploaded. NOTE: If you’re having trouble cropping your image, refer to the specified dimensions for the banner. The same process applies for your shop logo/profile picture (and when adding a product).

3. Payment Settings

Shop owners can set their comfortable payment method for the store. For bank transfers, just add bank account name, account number, name of the bank, address and finally swift code. Now, save the settings by clicking Update Settings button.

Note: When a shop owner sells a product and it has been successfully shipped, they can request a withdrawal of the funds earned through the purchase. Hoorah uses a single Payment method gateway, and the payment will be transferred into your account upon request (that is done through your dashboard)

4. Shipping

Shipping is automated without shop owners doing much. Hoorah has partnered with Courier Guy, Courier It and Dawn Wing to save Shop owners extra fees and admin. It happens in a few easy steps:

  • Customer buys product →  payment is processed → Shop owner receives the order (on Dashboard and e-mail)
  • Shop owner prepares the product (packaging/manufacture/etc) and selects “complete” from their dashboard. Shop owner will receive a waybill to print and add onto packaging.
  • The courier service (Dawn Wing, Courier Guy, CourierIt) collects the product the following business day from the shop owner’s address (that was entered from Dashboard → Settings)
  • Once the product has been delivered to the customer, funds are available for withdrawal by the Shop Owner.


  • When adding products, please select the correct shipping class. Incorrect shipping classes will result in the Shop owner paying for the excess shipping fee applicable.
  • Do not sign any handwritten waybills by the courier companies. Only sign official Hoorah waybills received via e-mail. (One on the product, one for the courier)

5. Social profiles

Social profiles help you to gain more trust. Consider adding your social profile links for better user interaction. You can link every social networking sites with your store from this page. Hoorah has simple view and easy to link up format with store setting for the Shop owners. Share your products to your social media platforms with a single click.

6. Unique URL

Each Hoorah Shop has a unique URL. You can find it at Seller Dashboard → Setting page or by navigating to your shop, and copying the link in your browser.

7. Store SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our store SEO can help you to increase your store traffic. You can set your SEO title, meta description, meta keywords, Facbook title, description, image, Twitter title, description and image. Take time to carefully think which words will draw traffic to your site when searched on Google. Use your shop name, and perhaps some of your most popular product names as meta keywords.

Creating Products from your Dashboard

Navigate to vendor dashboard. Click on Products from the left menu and then Add New Products button from the top right corner. It will open a new window where you will be able to create a new product very easily with providing the most important details only.

Basic Details

The common information about a product are the title, price, description. Discount price is optional. You can even schedule discounts for a certain amount of time. You can enter a starting date and end date to apply automatic discounts to your product.

Both the categories and tags have to be created by the Hoorah admin. The shop owner can only select them from the frontend dashboard. Because allowing the vendors to create categories and tags might result into duplicates.

By default, category selection is singular. That is why there is a dropdown field to select a category. This should be the standard setting. Because according to Google Webmaster Guidelines and other SEO and UX best practices, it is recommended to have only one category assigned to a product. If you need to show your products based on multiple factors or for searching or sorting feature, you can use tags.

If you really need multiple categories in a single product, then it can be enabled by contacting us through live chat or e-mail.

After You have provided all the required information, Click on the Create product button. It will create the product and redirect you to the product edit page, where you will be able to add more information about your product. If you want to create the product and add another one immediately, click on the Create & add new button. NOTE: You have to upload new products and their respective images separately.

Order Listing

Order page displays the order detail in list. This page shows order number, order total amount, order status, customer details, order date and order action. you could view order farther details manage order status and delete order from order action.

You can filter the orders by Date. Besides that you can also export the order list.


Any other questions or need help setting up your shop?

Pop us a mail at or chat to us live and we’ll gladly assist.


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