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Complete support documents for vendors starting their journey on Hoorah Online Shops

Registering as a vendor

Becoming a vendor on Hoorah Online Shops

1. What to prepare

  • Bank account information to where payments are made from Hoorah to you.
  • Courier collection address (This can be residential or commercial address)
  • Store name, banner and logo.

2. Registration

  • Sign up on this link
  • Select the “I am a vendor” checkbox.
  • Complete the step-by-step guide on screen.
  • You are now a registered vendor on Hoorah
  • Be sure to join our Facebook community.

3. Store setup

Step 1: Navigate to Dashboard > Settings

  • Upload a banner.
  • Upload a profile picture.
  • Optional: Show terms and conditions, store opening/closing times, etc.

Step 2: Double check your payment information and address.

Step 3: Connect your social media accounts. (This can be done by visiting your social media profile, copying the link and pasting it in the applicable fields.)

Step 4: Store SEO. (Search Engine Optimization). Enter keywords for your store to be seen on search engines such as Google and Safari.

Save after every step to ensure changes are captured.

4. Next steps

Continue to Dashboard support documentation to learn how to upload products and fulfill orders.


Understanding the tools at your disposal

1. Dashboard

The first page of your dashboard is an overview of your sales, reviews and products.

2. Adding and managing products.

Adding Simple Products

  • Click on “Add new product
  • Complete the on-screen fields.
  • Upload product cover image (Main image)
  • Upload product gallery images (Different angels of product, lifestyle mode etc.)
  • Enter a short description.
  • Enter the features and benefits of your product. or any additional information into the long description.
  • Complete the inventory tab (if your products are made per order set stock quantity to zero and allow back orders)
  • Linked products, set your linked products for up-sell and cross-sells to find similar products.
  • In the other options tab add a purchase note to the customer if applicable.

Adding Variable products (If your product has variations such as colors, sizes etc.)

  • Change Product type to variable.
  • Attributes and variations tab: Add attribute with values, then tick the box “used for variations” SAVE.
    Under variations click add > “generate from attributes” SAVE
  • After variations are added, they will each require their own unique price to be displayed in your store.

Edit a product 

  • Navigate to Dashboard > Products to view all products
  • Manage your products through, bulk or single edit, delete or duplicate a product.

Refer to Shipping support documentation tab for more information.

3. Orders

  • Manage orders
  • export orders to CSV. files
  • Change order status (See support documentation on fulfillment).

4. Coupons

To add a coupon click on “add a coupon” and complete the onscreen fields.

*Important points to remember

  • Coupon titles should be unique
  • Usage limits and expire dates need to be set.
  • click on the “show on store” checkbox if you want to show your coupons on your store page.
  • Coupon discounts will be deducted from the vendor’s withdrawable amount.

5. Reports

The following detailed reports are available in this tab.

  • Overview
  • Sales by date
  • Top selling products
  • Top-earning products
  • exportable statement to .CSV files

6. Reviews

Manage and respond to reviews made by customers on your products.

7. Withdraw

From this tab you can withdraw your eligible funds.

Refer to withdraw funds documentation for more info.

8. Settings

  • View your store profile completeness
  • Set up payment methods
  • Shipping settings in this tab are not applicable.
  •  Connect your social media profiles.
  • Set up store SEO

Refer to store set up support documentation for more information.


Basics of shipping products

1. How does Hoorah shipping work?

Hoorah does door-to-door shipping directly from the vendor to the customer through reliable partners. The collection from the vendor is usually done 1 business day after the vendor confirms stock. Delivery to the customer happens in 1 to 5 business days.

Preparing the products for shipping:

  • Place product in a box or sleeve with applicable protective packaging.
  • Ensure 2 copies of the A5 waybill is printed and attached to the box or sleeve. (One copy for the customer and one for the courier)

From your dashboard you can indicate time slots for courier collection from your address.

2. Shipping classes

Products are placed in shipping classes based on weight and dimensions, there are predefined classes for the vendor to select from.

Go to Dashboard > Settings > Shipping and click on the little gear icon to activate shipping tab, there will be default messages in the tabs that are perfectly fine to leave as is, but we encourage you to make it custom to your store. Then click save settings.


  • Products placed in incorrect shipping classes will result in inaccurate shipping fees.
  • Products can be placed in shipping classes when adding or editing products.

3. Shipping partners

4. Using your own shipping

Unfortunately, Hoorah does not offer self-shipping. However, special arrangements can be made. 

5. Offering free shipping

Vendors who wish to offer free shipping can do so by placing the products in the “free shipping” class.


Shipping of these products will be deducted from the vendor’s withdrawable amount.

Fulfilling orders

Managing your orders

1. Order status

Pending Payment 

Customer: Placed the order.

Hoorah: No payment received.

Vendor: No action.


Customer: Placed the order.

Hoorah: Payment received.

Vendor: Change order status to complete if the product is ready to be shipped.

On Hold

Customer: Placed the order.

Hoorah: Payment has been made but not yet cleared in Hoorah account received.

Vendor: Prepare order for courier collection.


Customer: Placed the order, received a refund

Hoorah: Processed refund.

Vendor: Product return to vendor, the amount deducted from the withdrawable amount.


Customer: Placed the order.

Hoorah: Payment received. Transaction completed.

Vendor: Product ready to be shipped.


Customer: Placed the order. But cannot make the payment or simply canceled the order.

Hoorah: No payment received after a certain amount of time. (48 hours)

Vendor: Does not have the product in stock.

2. Preparation of order for courier

Products are placed in shipping classes based on weight and dimensions, there are predefined classes for the vendor to select from.


  • Products placed in incorrect shipping classes will result in inaccurate shipping fees.
  • Products can be placed in shipping classes when adding or editing products.

Withdrawing funds

Getting your money

1. Payment settings setup

Navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Payment.

Add details (Swift code, IBAN and routing number for international bank accounts only)

Click on update settings.

2. Withdraw

Current balance: Total value of sales minus Hoorah’s 5% commission.

Minimum withdraw amount: By default, this is set to R100.00. You cannot withdraw an amount less than this. (Special arrangements can be made)

Withdraw threshold: funds are added to the current balance 3 days after product delivery. (In case of customer order dispute or refund)


What does it cost?


1. Registering as a vendor on Hoorah is FREE

2. Fulfillment cost is 5% on all successful sales.

Hoorah is built on a zero startup fee structure, thus no sales equal no costs.


Where can you go from here? Hoorah offers premium brand development services and the opportunity to export your products.

Scale your business

Hoorah Launchpad offers premium brand development for Hoorah vendors

What will my store look like?

Centralised management

Inventory control

Social connect

Product management

Powerful Analytics

Mobile & desktop

Marketing exposure


Seller  dashboard


Features and benefits

Free online shop

Powerful e-commerce store with advanced analytics to centralize your whole business.


Integrate with Google & Price check.

 Benefit from organic customers & our social media following at no additional cost.


Free use of shipping accounts

Make use of gold shipping accounts with reputable courier partners at no additional cost.


Online live support, let Hoorah manage your customers and assist with anything on the site that you may need help with.


Hoorah offers scalable solutions for your business to grow locally and interationally

Customer Base - Reach hundreds of thousands of Hoorah customers.
Catalogue Creation - Add new products to the Hoorah catalogue using our easy-to-use Seller Portal.
Order Processing - Let Hoorah handle checkout and payment processing.
Fraud Protection - We cover the risk of credit card fraud on your behalf.
Product Placement - Your offers appear where customers make their purchase decisions.
Secure Storage - Your product inventory can be safely stored on arrangement with Hoorah.
Seller Portal - Easily manage and monitor your inventory through our online Dashboard
Coupons and promotions - Easily create your own coupons and vouchers for loyal customers.
Fulfillment & Shipping - We'll ensure the courier company collects your product from any address , quickly and safely.
Customer Service - Let Hoorah answer all customer contacts and calls.
PriceCheck - Your products will automatically be synced with PriceCheck

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