Not just an online shop.

Our Story

Operating from our offices in Brooklyn, Pretoria, Hoorah has been countlessly identified as one of Africa’s most exciting e-commerce companies.

From humble beginnings, Hoorah was a startup  founded by open-minded entrepreneurs and like-wise investors. We aim to unite Africa through e-commerce and empower entrepreneurs by exposing them to consuming markets.

Using some of the most innovating concepts on the continent to source products and find markets, we are experiencing hyper growth and scale while maintaining our customer-centered approach.

What We Do

Online Shops

Hoorah Online Shops is our core platform that operates as a multi-vendor marketplace connecting sellers & buyers. The sellers from this platform come primarily from South Africa but we get buyers from all over the world looking for unique African products.


Hoorah Learn is a Learner Management System that has been designed to teach anyone more about entrepreneurship and e-commerce. We have partnered with Curro Roodeplaat to teach aspiring entrepreneurs about endless possibilities.


As part of Hoorah’s belief that Africa’s entrepreneurial talents are unexposed, we have developed a platform that gives entrepreneurs in rural areas access to e-commerce. Roadside2Website and the Hoorah Agency model has reached over 18 community centers and 30 agents.


Through Hoorah Launchpad, we incubate entrepreneurs and help them with SEO services, funding, inventory, warehousing, raw material sourcing and much more. We also expose entrepreneurs to consuming markets by exporting their products.

By supporting local, you are making your own world a better place.

We encourage local entrepreneurs, artisans and crafters to sign up and get the exposure they deserve. 

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Our Mission & Approach

We strive to empower entrepreneurs in Africa with digital infrastructure and expose them to the world. At Hoorah, we welcome anyone to start selling or supporting local entrepreneurs.

“I stumbled across Hoorah Online Shops and saw all the benefits that they offer their vendors. Not only is it a safe and secure platform, but the interface is extremely easy to use, and the free marketing is an absolute bonus. Adding to all these benefits, the courier fetches your products at your door.

It is important for me as an entrepreneur to take hands with people who believe in my product just like I believe in theirs.”

– Nelien Smith, Founder of Liefde Lien


To create a sustainable ecosystem of empowerment.

Team members

Behind the scenes, each highly skilled and trained.

Local entrepreneurs

400+ Local entrepreneurs and growing.

Unique products

6000 + Unique products sourced from all over South Africa.


Customers viewing our products per month.

Trained Agents

Dedicated to finding authentic products and new entrepreneurs.

Company milestones


Hoorah Online (Pty) Ltd founded by Basson Engelbrecht. Seed funding secured to dedicate a team and build the vision.

Hoorah Online Shops launched.


Scalability structures and Alibaba eFounders Fellowship. Second round of investment secured to accellerate business operations.

Hoorah Rural and Hoorah Launchpad launched.


Empowerment ecosystem in full operation. 

Hoorah Learn and Hoorah Uganda launched.

Hoorah Proudly Presents

The Hoorah Africa Gift Box™


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